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home for the night. the firefighters don't know how it started yet but they do know one small sprinkler stopped it all from spreading. waters did not want the sprinklers originally fearing they would change the look of the restaurant. but her builder insisted. >> if anything going wrong it will save the porch. it really did save the restaurant this time. >> it is not the first fire at chez panisse. the last fire was 31 years and a day ago. she said that fire started in the fireplace between the dining room and kitchen. memories that haunt her today. >> it was right before my partner died has a lot of...a lot of emotional sadness. >> insurance saved the restaurant then. waters assures she will be fine this time. she will rebuild and perhaps expand, with devoted diners look
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forward to that day. >> she will be rebuilding and it will be beautiful. she believes in excellence and quality. that place will be as beautiful as before if not even better. >> chose announced they are canceling all reservations through manner 31 and she would like to re-open the undamaged portion of the restaurant, the upstairs cafe as soon as possible but the problem is in order to do that she has to figure out how to rebuild the downstairs hall so people can get upstairs and enjoy the culinary destination while the downstairs porch goes under a much longer transformation to be used once again. reporting live in berkeley for abc7 news. >> you mention the importance of chez panisse in the culinary world, owner alice waters is considered a pioneer in modern california cuisine and the organic food movement. her foundation created the edible school yard program at berkeley's martin luther king
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middle school and advocates for healthy school lunches and convinced first lady michelle obama to plant a garden. >> violence in oakland with federal, state, and local law enforcement spanning now a surprising series of arrests. you saw it here first on abc7 news. our reporter has been in oakland all morning and amy, you have the latest? >> information is still coming in, kristen, but at this hour they have arrested 12 people. they went out looking for some of the most violent offenders in oakland, and these are people wanted for felony, some even for murder. police took this ak-47 out of an oakland home during an early morning raid involving 14 law enforcement agencies including u.s. marshals. >> it is one of the largest sweeps we have done with the help of our federal partners. it is probably the first time
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that i can recall where we have actually served multiple warrants simultaneously at different locations spokesmanning throughout the buy area. >> oakland police have been sugar landing the round up for six months with suspects waking up to grenades outside their home and a phone call and police announcing on a loudspeaker that the home was surrounded. many of their neighbors also heard the noise. >> it is a lost racket so usually in the morning. >> woman lives down the street from a targeted home on 96th avenue, check out her reaction when we showed her a picture of the assault weapon confiscated. >> it is a shock, actually, you don't think that kind of artillery is in our neighborhood with a lot of kids here. so that is a blessing to get off the streets. >> u.s. attorney was here for the raid and police say she was an enter gradual part of the operation. police say they made at least 12 arrests but expect that number to rise. they say they do consider the streets of oakland safer than
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they remain yesterday. >> it is part of our cease-fire initiative and cease-fire as you know is one of our central operation initiatives we use to address violent crime in oakland. police say they are still looking for at least seven people and they are still assessing all of of the evidence they gathered this morning and they will announce how this morning went and give more details at a press conference scheduled for half an hour from new so stay with abc7 news for this developing story. reporting live in oakland for abc7 news. >> happening right now on the south bay a homeless sweep underway in san jose. police are clearing out 100 people living in tents on spring street near the river park. the city issued 72-hour eviction notices to people there earlier and removed everything from furniture to animals including a chicken. official say they will help everyone find a shelter to stay in and store property left behind for up to 90 days.
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>> new this morning, in san francisco, the 29-year-old driver arrested for the death of a howell high school student has just pleaded not guilty. she is charged with manslaughter and felony d.w.i. if convicted it is up to ten years in state prison after hitting a 17-year-old crossing the boulevard on saturday night celebrating her 17th birthday. assembly man and local officials are highlighting a gill to effectively kill gun shows at the cow palace which straddles the san francisco and san mateo county line. the bill would require approval from supervisors in both counties to move forward. both borders have repeatedly opposed gun shows. the last gun show at the cow palace in jap had a record turnout just days after the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> a caged door is the focus in an investigation into a deadly lion attack. 24-year-old intern hanson was killed yesterday inside the big
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cat enclosure at an animal sanctuary in the central valley. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with new information. katie? >> lion was supposed to number his feeding cage while hanson was cleaning the larger pen but a gate was partly open and the line lifted it up and got do hanson with his paw. the 550 pound lion mounted and the 24-year-old hanson was gone. authorities believe that she died almost inaccidently from a broken neck. the fresno county coroner says she did not suffer a small consolation for her father who says his daughter's dream job made him nervous. i have also had a premonition i would get a call like this but i thought it would be much further in the future than the age of 24. she probably never saw the attack coming. she was talking on the cell phone with a co-worker at the time of the incident. the co-worker was worried weapon the call ended and hanson did
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not call back. the lion should have been secured in the feeding cage while hanson went about the work so investigators have to find out why a gate was open giving the lion access, and what motivated the cat to attack. >> the cat had just been fed and there was food in the bowl but the cat ignored the food in order to go out and have access to this young lady. >> the sheriff deputieses shot the four-year-old line after he could not be coaxed away from her body. >> we are a family. we lost two family family members. the autopsy online is done but the results are not done and investigators hope to learn something about why the big cat turned violent. live in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> katie, thank you. we will shift gears now and tell you something uplifting, the winners of the $33 million super lottery jackpot have come forward and it is a couple great here in the bay area. the couple from walnut creek
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just picked up their big check at lottery headquarters in sacramento. they were the only ticket with all the winning numbers on wednesday flight. now, if they decideed to get a payout they get $22.8 million before taxes and the ticket sold in walnut creek at the shell station. the gas station will get a check for $15,000. either way, it will be good. >> even with the taxes. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law appeared in federal court. how he responded to charges that he plotted to kill americans. also, we have learned when the cardinals will begin voting on a through pope with brand new developments t
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eeee conspiring americans before and after the september 11th attacks and entered the plea through an attorney during a 15 minute proceeding this morning in a federal courthouse in new york. prosecutors have a statement that is 22 pages, that he provideed went arrested. >> also new, from rome, the vatican is just announce add conclave to elect a next pope which begins next week. tuesday, march 12 is the official start date, and the vatican says cart understands will vote twice a day, the
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secret ballot is requiring two-thirds majority. pope benedict xvi retired because of health reasons. >> encouraging news of the economy, the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 7.7 percent, the lowest level in four years. it was 7.9 percent in january. the labor department says employers added 236,000 jobs in february. the wages have increased. experts say the stronger hiring suggests that businesses are getting account -- confident about the economy. >> the weekend forecast? >> we are 12 daze away from spring which is on the agenda. from emeryville, already in the upper 50's, but some gusty winds will offset our warming today, but well warm up in the next couple. i will explain that next. >> also, caught on video, teen heart throb justin bieber faints
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during last night's concert so will the show go
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this
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is abc7 news. >> concert officials in london say just din bieber will be back on stage tonight in spite of a trip to the hospital last night. this is video from the show in london, and he stopped during a song and bent over with his hands on his knees and then he walk off stage. a spokesman says that the 19-year-old performer actually fainted back stage and was treated with oxygen because he was short of breath. he did finish the concert after 0 minutes. after the show he went to the hospital and he posted this picture, and he hanked fans for their support. >> was it that warm in the hospital? >> that is right but it is not so warm here this morning. >> we got the weather system out of the way with a lot of sunshine and that will warm us up over the weekend with live doppler 7 hd showing the things are nice and clear around the bay. if you were with us earlier we had a few radar runs around the south bay, but it looks like we are going to get to a warming
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trend very quickly, in fact, as soon as tomorrow. live look outside right now, you will notice we have a few high clouds around and it certainly is warming up in and around the north bay with 57 in santa rosa and 57 in napa, upper 50's fairfield, and union city, mid-50's, so, we starting out with the warmth early in the afternoon but the northwest winds keeping us from warming up too much today. emeryville is looking beautiful with the blue sky and 56 san francisco, and 55 in san jose, with half moon bay, cool at 50, and they will be lucky to reap the mid-50's today with the strong northwest winds bringing in today, behind the system that went through last night. so, sunny and breezy this afternoon, milder highs tomorrow, we are coming up anywhere from six to eight degrees tomorrow, and the warming trend really gets underweighed on sunday and we are talking 70's and it will stay with us through the early part of the work week and maybe get a few clouds by midweek, and rain, not looking likely. 24 hours ago, we were colder, so this morning, we are talking
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about five degrees of warming up by the delta, and four degrees at the airport. but, throughout the rest of the afternoon, the western winds are up to 24 miles per hour in san francisco, and keeping you in the upper 50's, today, and even a northwest wind at conquered and a little bit on the cool side, and numbers trending below average today but we will take care of that quickly as soon as tomorrow. area of low pressure, that wrap around moisture brought a few showers earlier, and, now, it is headed south with thunderstorms and the high pressure is offshore. when it builds in we will get into the warming. sunny and cool for the let of the day today, and in terms of the rest of the state take a look: the northern two-thirds are dry and sunny and the southern half is looking wet. highs around the bay, then, ranging from the upper 50's to santa clara and not where we should but, but, still, nice, 58 in redwood city and san francisco a couple of degrees
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warmer than now and that should be the high temperature today and in the north bay, a little warmer, low 60's here for you folks over in the east bay, hid and upper 50's, and you hid inland maybe a sector so around pittsburg and antioch and overnight lows with fog early, and we will see the 30's and here is a look ahead, you will notice we get a big warm-up tomorrow and the 70's will stick around right through next week. >> nice way to get into spring. >> bay area community is enjoying the spotlight, serving as the back drop for a new abc drama which is shot in canada but it is based in marin, the "red" is the nod to the golden gate bridge, a mother forced into crime after her husband is murdered. >> she will do anything to protect her family as a mother of three children. she is not a woman who has all of the skills by being ex-f.b.i.
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or ex-c.i.a. the show was created by a marin county native, behind "twilight." that is right here on abc7 news the. >> just ahead, lisa will be back with the week's perfect pet. >> tgif, or maybe tgff because we are having fun friday, with a special co-host. we are going do have a
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and abc7 news at 4, hidden gems, a new york man discovers good fortune six years ago in a book. and telecommunications giant out for the big announcement about the jobs it is bringing to california including a big surprise. >> we will love this week's perfect pet, lisa is back with a new friend. lisa? >> with me is emily from marin humane society and with her is a cute little guy, actually a girl, five years old with an interesting story. >> she has been with us a couple of times. she came to us as a stray about three years ago and she was adopted out and she got out a couple of times from the previous home, so, that leads to us believe if there is an opportunity she can find it. >> so she would be good on a leash and is still energetic for being five years old.
11:24 am
>> the puppy days behind her and she definitely will be scared, and she will do really well and, really, in any home. she is adaptable with kids, we suggest ten or older, but we have not seen other dogs, but she does seem to do well with them. leaving her at home all day in the yard is not an option. >> and other events coming in at the marin humane society? a gala? a race? >> we are panning with the marin human race to create the marin humane race which is going to benefit the shelter animals. we also have the gal legally -- signal that coming up "for the love of animals." >> hopefully you can get her a home. she is veries very cute and she could use a friend, humor --
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human or k-9. >> thanks for joining us. of wag to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> [laughs] smooch! >> it's a pleasure to meet you. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. growing up, today's first contestant was called "jabber" by his mom for all the questions he asked, and as a pub trivia host, he's lived up to his nickname. from philadelphia, please welcome jb farley. hey, jabber. [cheers and applause] pub show master-- quiz master, huh? >> yes. >> so you run a quiz night every week or so? >> yes, i actually run three of them... >> wow. >> every week in philadelphia. it's a philadelphia variant of a british pub quiz that we call quizzo in philadelphia. i've been doing that for about
11:29 am
three years now. >> and philadelphia magazine recently named your quiz night the best in all of philadelphia, which is pretty cool. right? [cheers and applause] so you must have a tremendous amount of trivia in your brain, obviously. >> well, most of it is written down on cards, but hopefully some of it has stayed behind in my brain. [laughter] we'll only tell when the game is done. >> so what's your worst nightmare about being here, then? >> oh, definitely getting a question wrong that i've asked before. >> ooh, that would be bad. okay. so we're gonna hoesn't happen. that doesn't happen. >> not at all. >> and i understand that your mom, tish, is in the audience and your godmother, marge. a big hello to both of them as well. nice to see you both here. [cheers and applause] all right, jb, let's see the money in your round 1. okay, computer, please randomize the dollar amounts. and now here are the categories to your questions. and now, computer, please randomize those categories for us. and now that everything is all shuffled, are you ready?

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